Kirchgasse 6 (LuisenForum)
Karlstraße 6 (car park)
65185 Wiesbaden

Route planner

0611 205 70 0 General office

 0800 181 2092

Additional locations

  • Kirchgasse 2: Our second office is located in the high-rise building at Kirchgasse 2 on the 8th floor. This can be reached via the pedestrian zone (Kirchgasse). You can park in the LuisenForum car park.
  • Kirchgasse 7: We also have additional work and meeting rooms within the pedestrian zone.
  • Adolfstraße 16: Our third //SEIBERT/MEDIA office is in Adolfstraße 16, which is not included on this map, but is only a ten minute walk from the LuisenForum.

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